How to Predict Baby’s Eye Color

Okay, so I am a tiny bit interested in (read: fascinated by) genetics. I love how knowing just a little bit about mom and dad can, with startling accuracy, predict what baby will look like even before baby is born. One of the easier traits to predict is eye color. “What color eyes will my baby have?” is a question that can be answered just by knowing what eye color the parents have.

Want to know what eye color your baby might have? I created the simple chart below to help.

Eye Color ImagNote that this chart only takes into account parents’ eye colors. Because it only factors in the phenotype (i.e. what color the eyes appear) and not the genes themselves, it is not going to be 100% accurate in every case. However, if you know grandparents’ eye colors, too, you can tell with even more accuracy what color eyes your kids will have. To factor grandparents’ eye colors into the equation, checkout TheTech’s baby eye color predictor here.


  • Marissa

    How come green and blue cannot make brown? My boyfriend´s parents have blue and green eyes and all of their 3 children have brown eyes!

  • Alkhilion

    Well, his mom has had many friends then.

  • Pinkamena

    What bullsh*t. Stop insulting people without any reasoning.

    @Marissa Brown is indeed possible, maybe his granparents have brown eyes. The picture only works with the parents’ data.

  • Marissa

    yep, don’t bother posting if it’s just to insult.

  • Anon

    Because brown is dominant, so if either parent had a brown gene to pass on, their eyes would be brown.

  • marijana bircanin

    me too my mom is blue dad is green and i brown

  • Brown eyes

    This chart is complete bollocks, blue + brown can absolutely get you green eyes, blue + blue can also get you brown eyes, so can green +green get you brown eyes and saying blue +blue means a 99% chance of blue eyes is bull crap, what knobend draw this chart up?

  • bmen

    Blue plus blue can never give brown, 2 recessives cant give a dominant but two dominants can give a recessive i.e brown plus brown can give a blue

  • Anon

    You’re wrong about most of those, but blue + brown can indeed make green. It’s pretty unlikely though.

  • Cait Zilla

    I have blue eyes and my daughters father has brown….my daughter had blue eyes until she turned 3 and now they have been green ever since.

  • DF

    That’s what I was thinking. I have hazel eyes, my husband has blue eyes and our son has green eyes!

  • GreenEye00

    It’s not that rare. My dad has dark brown eyes and my mom blue – all 3 of their children, myself included have bright green eyes.

  • Chelsea

    pffft. You said bollucks XD

  • SL

    You shouldn’t put rude words in your post, you never know who might be reading it. There might be children reading your post right now, they shouldn’t be exposed to language like that at the young age that some people who are reading this might be.

  • Shanon Mary Callahan Nolan

    Blue and blue will result in a blue eyed baby. Because blue is a recessive allele blue eyes only occur when 2 recessive alleles are present. Meaning blue+blue=blue.

  • Kristen

    Why do these things always leave out hazel eyes?

  • green

    bullshit! my mom’s eyes are brown and my dad’s are blue and both me and my sis have green eyes and diffrent shades of green

  • Fred

    Brown + Brown = 101%? This chart is bullocks.

  • Heather Renee

    My mom has brown and my dad has blue I have an unusual shade of olive green

  • green eyed girl

    Yes it’s bollocks, my mum has blue eyes, my dad brown -me and my 2 sisters have green eyes!

  • Sergio Rios-Arrue

    My mom has green eyes n my dad has brown = i got brown eyes ( a bit lighter than my dads though).My brother also has brown eyes, and my stepmother has green eyes like my mom. I wonder if my wife has blue eyes, what eye color will my children have? But i just found out that my grandpa (mothers side) had blue eyes and i have a niece that both of her parents have dark brown eyes but she really got green eyes.

  • Dita

    I have dark brown eyes, my husband has blue eyes but our child has green eyes.

  • michael

    why do ppl always forget purple and red eyes?!

  • casey n

    my mother has blue eyes and my father has brown and i came out with green so i find this bullshit unlss im not my father child which is bull to because i look just like him

  • brea

    Well I have brown and my mom and dad have green and blue eyes
    What does that mean

  • marijana bircanin

    me too and idk how

  • Jessica

    This is so stupid your seriously saying that blue and brown eyes can’t have a child with green eyes!!! Well I’m pretty sure that my dad has blue eyes and my mom has brown eyes and I must be some freak of nature cause I have green eye!!! Therefore this thing is totally untrustworthy!!!

  • Cait Zilla

    I have blue eyes and my daughters father has brown eyes, thus my daughter whom of which is about to be turning 4 years old has green eyes. Her eyes were blue like mine until she turned 3 and ever since they have remained green. My son is 4 months old and im wondering if he too will have green eyes from the pair of us having blue and brown eyes….it makes sense to me for your child to end up with green eyes if Mom and Dad have blue and brown.

  • Natalie

    My mom has brown eyes and my dad has blue eyes and i have green eyes so that picture is wrong

  • aligibson

    my daughter has green eyes and my son in law has blue, but my grandson has brown.I have hazel and my husband has green. What happened?

  • Elizabeth

    My father has green eyes and my mother has brown. They had 5 children and all of us have brown eyes. Me and my husband have brown eyes. What are the chances of my baby having green eyes?

  • JaMMin

    If your husband has a recessive green and you both pass it along

  • Emon james

    What if the mom has hazel eyes & the dad has dark brown eyes! What color eyes would the baby be? That’s a hard question

  • Nermina

    My dad has hazel and my mom has brown all my siblings have brown but I have blue and weirdly it changes different shades including green and brown around the pupil when my mood changes weird so idk how accurate this is 🙊

  • Cf

    Both my parents have blue eyes but myself and my two sisters all have hazel/mostly green eyes ?

  • Cf

    Both my mum and dad have really light blue eyes but myself and my two sisters have hazel/mostly green eyes??